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Historical Thinking Interactive Poster!

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Aug 7 2012 Historical Thinking Poster

So how do we top the popularity of our historical thinking poster? We make a good thing even better! Check out Teachinghistory.org’s interactive version of the historical thinking poster for the 2012–2013 school year!

Just like the original poster, we created a version specifically for elementary classrooms and another for secondary grade use.

What will you find?

With links to lessons, primary sources, teaching ideas and more, the interactive poster helps guide you to great resources found on Teachinghistory.org, such as:

  • A quiz to test your knowledge of primary and secondary sources
  • A video on “What is Historical Thinking?”
  • Lesson plans focused on key elements of historical thinking
  • Ideas for teaching with text, photographs, art, maps, objects, and more
How can you use it?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Project the poster up on your smartboard and use it to introduce the concept of historical thinking
  • Select a different teaching resource from the poster each week to reinforce a particular historical thinking skill
  • Use the source information to model how to cite sources from the web
Want more?

Be sure to check out Teachinghistory.org’s interactive Civil War poster filled with teaching resources related to the primary sources depicted!

I want more! do you have

I want more! do you have government &/or world history resources?

We have many resources that

We have many resources that could be used to help teach civics or government--try searching using keywords like "civics," "government," "Supreme Court," and "voting." While our resources focus on U.S. history, they include plenty of materials that look at the U.S.'s international relations and its place in the world. Try a search using the country or culture you're interested in.

The poster is somewhat

The poster is somewhat difficult to read, on the screen. I think it might be more so, on the smart board. Is it possible to bold the pop-up information, and/or darken the links? Or, better yet, perhaps lighten the background for better reading?

Great idea.

Great idea.

Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the resource

Bravo NCHE. Excellent

Bravo NCHE. Excellent resource in 21 century format.

Just checking out the

Just checking out the interactive poster. I agree that the pop-ups are very difficult to read. Unfortunately, I probably will not be able to use this in my classroom as it is right now as it would be too hard for the students to see. Great concept, just needs tweaked to be truly usable!

I am interested in the

I am interested in the interactive poster.

What a great resource

What a great resource

Hello! We've looked into the

Hello! We've looked into the problems with the popups being difficult to read. It seems to have been an issue with earlier versions of Internet Explorer. We've tweaked our code, and the popups should now be easy to read in all browsers. Thank you for reporting the problem to us, and please check out the posters again! If you still run into problems, email us at info@teachinghistory.org.

To view the posters, go to

To view the posters, go to http://teachinghistory.org/historical-thinking-poster-1 for the elementary version and http://teachinghistory.org/historical-thinking-poster-2 for the secondary version. The posters are accessible anywhere you have net access!

Great thinking by your staff!

Great thinking by your staff!

Great Idea!

Great Idea!

Can you still order the

Can you still order the original poster?

Unfortunately, we have

Unfortunately, we have distributed all of our Historical Thinking and Civil War posters. However, I can direct you to places on our website that feature related resources! You can download the poster graphics here: http://teachinghistory.org/outreach/print-materials.

And check out our interactive online versions of the poster at http://teachinghistory.org/historical-thinking-poster-1 (Historical Thinking, elementary level), http://teachinghistory.org/historical-thinking-poster-2 (Historical Thinking, secondary level), and http://teachinghistory.org/civil-war (Civil War).

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