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Sheet music, Wanted - a substitute!, 1863, Frank Wilder, Library of Congress

Both the North and South instituted drafts during the Civil War. Popular music of the day had something to say on the subject. [...] »

Sheet music, Pull away cheerily [...] Bancroft Library, Calisphere

"Seeing the elephant" in California. [...] »

Letter, Henry Clinton to John Burgoyne, August 10, 1777, Henry Clinton, Clements

Benedict Arnold wasn't the only spy in the American Revolution. Take this quiz on 18th century spies and their techniques. [...] »

Everyone knows what "American Revolution" means. But can you identify these other labels used in naming colonial history? [...] »

Photo, Victory Gardens […], Feb.-Mar., 1943, Ann Rosener, Library of Congress.

WWII Victory Gardens allowed citizens to raise food...and wage war! [...] »

Can you answer these questions on figures who took part in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution? [...] »

Magazine cover, Harper's Bazaar--Thanksgiving 1894, 1894, Louis Rhead, LoC

Thanksgiving—how much do you know about the history of this popular holiday? [...] »

Veterans Day is for everyone who fought for the U.S.—including those who volunteered in the face of prejudice. [...] »

The Stamp Act of 1765 had colonists crying foul. Answer these questions about this most hated act. [...] »

Cartoon, “On Margin," November 15, 1929, James Montgomery Flagg, Life

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 opened the curtain on the Great Depression. [...] »

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