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Red and white 100 Leaders logo surrounded by eight historical images.

Examine the meaning of leadership through world leaders. [...] »

Detail, cartoon, Now That the Parcel Post is With Us, National Postal Museum

In the age of Amazon, take students back to a time when delivery in the U.S. was still developing. [...] »

Ink and wash drawing, Professions of. . . , 1800s, Fray Jeronimo de Alcalo, LoC

Featuring a variety of secondary sources, this website chronicles the history of early American exploration. [...] »

Photo, Excavation of the Phips Plantation in Woolwich, Maine, 1986-2001...

Explore the history of 17th century New England and, more specifically, the Salem Witchcraft Trials. [...] »

Cartoon, The Immigrant: The .., April 25 1896, Frank Beard, The Ram's Horn.

Follow the contentious election of 1896 with close to 100 political cartoons related to the presidential campaigns. [...] »

[Staunton Military Academy is rated by the War  Department as an honor military

What images does a state choose to describe its way of life to the nation? [...] »

Teresa Bagioli Sickles confession, 1859

Can I interest you in a metallic artificial leg? [...] »

Rendering, 9/11 Memorial Landscape Architecture, 9/11 Memorial website

What does our choice of memorial design say about the U.S. today? [...] »

Painting. MEN OF PROGRESS by Christian Schussele (1824-1879). NPG

Compare changing artistic styles, or source images of famous individuals. [...] »

Pamphlet,  Electricity at work portraying. . . , 1933, University of Chicago

Browse official publications from the 1933-1934 World's Fair. [...] »