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Oklahoma's Prekindergarten Standards

  • OK.1. Content Standard / Course: Social Studies - Civics

    The child will exhibit traits of good citizenship.

    • 1.1. Strand / Standard:

      Works and plays cooperatively in a variety of settings (e.g., in large and small groups, learning centers).

    • 1.2. Strand / Standard:

      Recognizes the importance of his/her role as a member of the family, the class, and the community.

    • 1.3. Strand / Standard:

      Listens to others while in large and small groups.

    • 1.4. Strand / Standard:

      Shows respect for others and their property.

    • 1.5. Strand / Standard:

      Develops an awareness of how people positively affect the environment.

    • 1.6. Strand / Standard:

      Recognizes patriotic symbols and activities (e.g., American Flag).

  • OK.2. Content Standard / Course: Social Studies - Geography

    The child will demonstrate knowledge of basic geographic concepts.

    • 2.1. Strand / Standard:

      Locates and describes familiar places (e.g., classroom, home, school, fast food restaurant).

    • 2.2. Strand / Standard:

      Begins to develop an understanding of his/her community (e.g., home, school, city).

  • OK.3. Content Standard / Course: Social Studies - Geography

    The child will discuss how children in various communities and cultures are alike and different.

    • 3.1. Strand / Standard:

      Explores how children have needs in common (e.g., food, clothing, shelter).

    • 3.2. Strand / Standard:

      Explores how children are unique as to languages, food, clothing, transportation, and customs.

    • 3.3. Strand / Standard:

      Explores how families and communities build ''traditions.''

  • OK.4. Content Standard / Course: Social Studies - Economics

    The child will explore various careers.

    • 4.1. Strand / Standard:

      Develops growing awareness of jobs and what is required to perform them.

    • 4.2. Strand / Standard:

      Identifies various school and community personnel.

    • 4.3. Strand / Standard:

      Develops an awareness of money being needed to purchase things.