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Meet the designer, financier, engineers, architect, and laborers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

American Experience, PBS

The Golden Gate Bridge

Photo, Trusses, Gabriel Moulin or sons Raymond and Irving

Designed to accompany and support the PBS film of the same name, this site celebrates the design and construction of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. The site include a full transcript of the documentary, as well as a synopsis of the film and a list of further reading materials. Also included are biographies (250–500 words) of the five primary personalities involved in the bridge's construction: Leon Moisseiff (the designer), Joseph Strauss (engineer), Charles Ellis (engineer), Amadeo Peter Giannim (financier), and Irving Morrow (architect). Short biographies of nine of the bridge's laborers are also featured.

In terms of primary sources, the site includes 12 photographs of the bridge under construction, a program of events from bridge opening celebrations held on May 27–28, 1937, and a newspaper column from 1923 promoting the bridge's construction.

The site includes a timeline covering the years 1849–1994, as well as a list of interesting facts about the bridge and a short exercise on using mathematics to account for all the forces and tensions required to build the bridge.