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Film Review: Pearl Harbor and U-571

When does a historical film go from "based on historical events" to total [...] »

Trickle or Tsunami?: Getting Involved with the Common Core Standards

Is everybody talking about the Common Core standards in your district?

[...] »

Teaching Thanksgiving 2011

Prepare for Thanksgiving with our spotlight page on the holiday!

[...] »

Michael Yell on Making Every History Lecture Engaging

Is "lecture" a bad word? Or can you make a lecture an active learning [...] »

Jennifer Orr on Teaching Heroes

How do you teach cultural heroes without simplifying history? First-grade [...] »

Resources for Veterans Day

How do your students celebrate Veterans Day?

[...] »

Elizabeth Glynn on Using Art to Create Interdisciplinary Classrooms

Use art to teach both history and how disciplines are interconnected, [...] »

Valerie Tripp's Looking Backward, Looping Forward: How to Make a Period of History Matter to Your Students

Start with memoirs or historical fiction and small issues children can [...] » Teacher Representative Wins 2011 National History Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Stacy Hoeflich, the 2011 National History Teacher of the [...] »

Amy Burvall's Life as a TechnoTroubadour

Can you use music and creativity to help students structure what they know? [...] »