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This nifty tool is not only fun to use, but also very useful in the history classroom! Students can use this free website to constructing their own short digital movies, in doing so they will learn how to utilize primary sources and develop their historical thinking skills. FIND OUT MORE »

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Digital classroom tools

Win the White House

What does it take to win a presidential campaign? Try it yourself with this [...] »

Google Docs
Screenshot, Tour, Google Docs

Create, share, and collaborate with this free word-processing tool!

[...] »

Turn an image into an interactive graphic with ThingLink!

[...] »

Beyond the Chalkboard

Teachers demonstrate digital tool strategies

Using Facebook to Engage with Historical Figures

Students interact with history by creating Facebook fan pages for historical [...] »

Analyzing Campaign Commercials

Kristina Frank of Eagle Ridge Middle School brings modern and historical [...] »

Whiteboards and the Youngest Children
Screencapture, Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project Learning, May 9, 2007

Watch kindergarten classes engage in project-based learning using new [...] »

Ask a Digital Historian

Is the Internet a Reliable Source for History Content?

Encourage students to think critically about website content by introducing [...] »