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Recording Experiences with First Graders
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Digital Tools: Outfitting a Teacher's Arsenal
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Spotlight on Elementary Education

This nifty tool is not only fun to use, but also very useful in the history classroom! Students can use this free website to constructing their own short digital movies, in doing so they will learn how to utilize primary sources and develop their historical thinking skills. FIND OUT MORE »

Tech for Teachers

Digital classroom tools


Historypin is a digital mapping tool that ties collections of items with [...] »


YouTube is an invaluable resource—just make sure to use it properly!

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Do I Have a Right?

Drill students on the constitutional amendments with this engaging game.

[...] »

Beyond the Chalkboard

Teachers demonstrate digital tool strategies

VoiceThread in a 1st-grade Classroom

Students are never too young for digital tools—watch first graders use [...] »

Using Skype in the Classroom
Photo, Flat Classroom Skype, November 29, 2008, superkimbo, Flickr

Educator Silvia Tolisano introduces voice-chat tool Skype and its use in the [...] »

Whiteboard Basics

Using a whiteboard for the first time? Educator Simon Botten shares [...] »

Ask a Digital Historian

Primary and Secondary Sources through Video
primary and secondary source wordle

Can video help me teach about primary and secondary sources?

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