K-2 Resources


Picturing the American Revolution
Cartoon, American Revolution Names, 5 August 2008, Jimmie, Flickr CC

Looking for a creative way to teach the American Revolution to struggling[...] »

Teaching Tools

Independence Daze: A History of July Fourth
Holiday postcard, "4th of July," New York Public Library Digital Gallery

How has the meaning of Independence Day changed over time?

[...] »

3-5 Resources


Children’s Voices from the Civil War
Negative, "Sgt. John Clem, U.S.A.," 1855-1865, Library of Congress

Help students identify with the past via children who lived through the[...] »


Who Invented the Telephone?
Helen of Many Glaciers Hotel, 1925

The history of the invention of the telephone is as clear as a Bell . . . or[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

Concept Formation

In order to understand topics, you must first understand concepts. Learn all[...] »

Using Technology


Does something this much fun belong in the classroom? Yes!

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