9-12 Resources


Africans in America
Engraving, Rendition of Anthony Burns, 1854, The Granger Collection.

Trace the history of Africans in America through Reconstruction, with 245[...] »

Primary Documents in American History

The Library of Congress presents 35 of the most important documents from[...] »


Writing to Learn History: Annotations and Mini-Writes

A pen or pencil in your student's hand is an excellent tool for teaching[...] »

Freedom's Story: Teaching African American Literature and History
Print, Heroes of the colored race, J. Hoover, c.1881-1183, Library of Congress

Slavery, Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Movement—you have to teach these[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

How to Read a Landscape
Photography, Towards Whitelea Lane from Tansley Knoll Derbyshire, 11 Jun 2011, E

Discover historic landscapes with this guide to reading the land produced by[...] »

Using Technology

“A Push” in the Right Direction
Screencap, TJ Students (apushhelp) on Twitter, 30 July 2012

AP U.S. History teacher Scott Campbell and his students use Twitter to reach[...] »