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Film Review: John Adams

Does John Adams depart too far from history to be useful in the [...] »

Joe Jelen: Old Newspapers Find a Home in New Technology

Newspapers are alive and well in the U.S. history classroom.

[...] »

Resources for Columbus Day

Is Columbus Day just another school day (or day off), or a teachable moment [...] »

Jeremiah McCall on Using Simulation Games in the History Classroom

How can you teach—not just distract—with digital games?

[...] »

The Connection Between Literacy and History

Even if you're not an English teacher, you're still a literacy teacher.

[...] »

Jennifer Orr Starts the Year

How do you introduce history and social studies to early elementary students [...] »

Film Review: The Tenth Inning

Can one subject—say, baseball—tell a larger story of historical change? [...] »

Elizabeth Glynn's Student-Led Monuments and Memorials Tour

Let your students go out on a limb, and they might just exceed your [...] »

Civil War Poster!

What can a quilt, a map, some photographs, a haversack, and a receipt tell [...] »

Vitamins in Chocolate Cake: Why Use Historical Fiction in the Classroom?

What's one way of bringing delight to learning history? Historical fiction, [...] »