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Michael Yell on Writing as Thinking

Practicing writing practices good habits of thought, says Mike Yell. Two [...] »

Michael Yell Uses National History Day for Classroom Differentiation

Searching for advanced projects for your eager learners? Teacher Mike Yell [...] »

Michael Yell on Making Every History Lecture Engaging

Is "lecture" a bad word? Or can you make a lecture an active learning [...] »

Michael Yell on Using DVDs/Video Segments in the History Classroom

What student doesn't love a "movie day"? The question is, how much are they [...] »

Michael Yell on Critical Thinking and Teaching History

Don't think once. Think twice. Demand concise, thought-provoking work from [...] »

Michael Yell on a Strategy for the Use of Textbooks in the History Classroom

Students aren't always working with primary sources. Seventh-grade history [...] »

Michael Yell's Strategies for Using Primary Sources in Your Classroom

Combine strategies to create new techniques! Mike Yell combines DBQs and [...] »

Michael Yell Motivates Students with the Mystery Strategy

Piece together history from a handful of clues with 7th-grade teacher [...] »

Michael Yell on Developing a Climate of Engagement

Former NCSS president and 7th-grade teacher Michael Yell shares his first- [...] »