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Cuban Missile launch map

Ninth-grade teacher Jamie Kimbrough asked her students to stand in Kennedy's shoes. How did they decide to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis? [...] »

Washington Crossing the Delaware. LOC

Elementary teacher Karen Eanes hooks her students with engaging historical fiction, art, and primary source excerpts on George Washington's crossing of the Delaware. [...] »

Video screencap, Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze Text, 27 Feb 2012

Discover the multiple strategies 5th-grade teacher Jennifer Brouhard uses in her classroom to promote student understanding of historic texts. [...] »

Posters from Bill Kendrat's classroom walls

Teacher Bill Kendrat demonstrates the techniques he uses to draw students in to culturally-familiar stories. [...] »

Students filming documentaries as part of a JTHG project. Teachinghistory.org

Sixth graders in Prince William County film their interpretations of the First Battle of Manassas. [...] »

Screencapture, Mart McKenzie's classroom

Introducing your students to primary sources for the first time? Watch fourth-grade teacher Marty MacKenzie guide her students through analyzing John White's drawings of the Powhatans. [...] »

Students learing about the Bill of Rights. MCPS TAH

Daunted by teaching the Bill of Rights and its complex vocabulary to students? Middle-school teacher Christine Valenti explains how she introduces her students to the Amendments. [...] »

Detail, KWL graphic organizer

Eighth-grade teacher Amy Trenkle keeps students on-task before, during, and after a museum visit with graphic organizers. [...] »

FDR during a 1933 Fireside Chat. LOC

High school teacher Joe Jelen combines roleplaying and critical analysis—by having students roleplay critics of the New Deal. [...] »

Photo. Students celebrating. Capstone

Is a school an island? James Liou talks about working to integrate schools into the community, as practiced at Boston Community Leadership Academy, Boston, MA. [...] »