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Screencap, Highway, 5 Sept 2012, Early 20th century migration packet--title page

What pushes and pulls people into new ways of life? In this lesson, students use artifacts, documents, and photographs to help them answer this question. [...] »

Photography, Travel Trunks, 6 Sept 2009, Gary Shewan, Flickr CC

Teach students how to use physical evidence to interpret history with this creative lesson plan. [...] »

photographic print, Weighting Cotton, 1914, E. C. Eddy, LOC

Introduce students to the importance of oral history while simultaneously teaching them about 20th-century labor unions. [...] »

Photography, 1970s Rec Room,  Illinois State Museum website

Even the recent past was very different from the present. Students analyze photos from the 1960s and 1970s to identify differences between then and now. [...] »

Photography, Short-Handled Hoe at Work, 1956, Leonard Nadel, Object of History W

History is imbedded in the smallest objects. In this lesson, students examine how a simple farming tool connects to the work done by United Farm Workers. [...] »

Photography, Modern Photo of 1867 Tenement Building, from The Tenement Museum Vi

Students examine primary sources related to the life of an immigrant girl and her family to discover what life might have been like at the turn of the century. [...] »

Photography, Collage of Magen David Emblems, 13 Feb 2008, Flickr CC

In this lesson, students will organize photographs both chronologically and conceptually in order to construct a narrative of the Holocaust. [...] »

Screencap, Collage of Pre-Revolution Documents, 2 April 2012, Images from activi

Teach your students about causality with this useful activity. [...] »

Handwritten document, Caspar Weinberger Diary Entry, 7 December 1985, HERB

Through the lens of documents concerning the Iran-Contra Affair, this lesson enables students to examine how audience and purpose affect a document’s contents. [...] »

wood engraving, The First Cotton Gin, 1869 Dec. 18, William L. Sheppard, LOC

In this lesson, students explore the multiple stories behind the creation of the cotton gin. [...] »