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Illustration, The home front in national, 1941, Government Information Resources

Includes more than 300 U.S. government pamphlets and books on home front issues from World War II. [...] »

Graphic. Infant Mortality Rates from 1990

Compare global statistics on topics from infant mortality to literacy. [...] »

Photo. American Education. LOC

Explore the history of education within the U.S, through writings and images. [...] »

Students from the St. Rita's School for the Deaf. 1918. National Archives

What has the U.S. deaf population experienced? [...] »

Photo. Linotype on press car. 1910's. LOC

What American history items do Smithsonian curators like best? [...] »

Illustration, Art recreations, 1860, Boston: J.E. Tilton and Company

What would your life have been like as a housewife in 1850? [...] »

Image, Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, Minnesota Population Center.

View 22 census data samples and 65 million records from 13 federal censuses. [...] »

Photo. Doctor visiting patient in Negro hospital. Chicago, Illinois. LOC

What was health care like during segregation? [...] »

Photo, African American children..., 1885-1966, James Wells, Nollau Collection.

Collects photographs, texts, and oral histories drawn from 15 Kentucky colleges, universities, libraries, and historical societies. [...] »

Silver gelatin print, Herbert George Ponting. . . , 1912, Flickr Commons

Search news articles, court cases, journals, broadcast transmissions, polls, data compilations, magazine articles, and more. [...] »