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Illustration, The Great Fire in Chicago.., 1871, Kellogg & Bulkely, Chicago Hist

Brings together more than 600 federally-funded resources for teaching U.S. history. [...] »

Photograph, Sitting down, 1930's, the Flint Sit-Down Strike.

Provides a multimedia introduction to "the greatest strike in American history." [...] »

Image, Forests, Fields and the Falls-Connecting MN.

How did the lumber, flour, sawmill, and farming industries shape Minnesota's future? [...] »

Wood engraving, The Freedmen's Bureau, 1868, A.R. Waud, Library of Congress.

Read about crimes committed in the former Confederate states between 1865 to 1868. [...] »

Flyer, Council of Federated Organizations. . . , 1964, Tougaloo College Archives

Immerse yourself in the historical struggle for the African American vote in Mississippi. [...] »

Image, Map of Life of BARNABY, The Geography of Slavery.

Provides transcriptions and images of more than 4,000 newspaper advertisements for runaway slaves and indentured servants between 1736 and 1803. [...] »

Map, Slave Trade Map of Equatorial Africa, ca. 1887, Church Missionary Society.

What was said, written, and drawn about slavery? Gain a more complete image of the institution, its evil effects, and how it felt to be a slave. [...] »

Photo, U.S. Marines salute the U.S. Coast. . . , August 1944, Flickr Commons

Guam is often left out of discussions of U.S. history. Remedy the situation! [...] »

Photo, Out of Boat Cave, H.H. Bennett, Wisconsin Historical Society

View commercial photography from the last half of the 19th century. [...] »

Illustration, Official Yearbook of Miss America, 1955, page 2, Sept. 1955.

Focused on business history, this gateway site connects businesses to greater cultural and social trends. [...] »