History Education News

History Education News - Volume Nine

American literature can be a powerful tool in the history classroom. In this issue, find resources for incorporating historical fiction and literature into the curriculum.

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History Education News - Volume Eight

The founding documents can be powerful tools to discuss the themes of equality, freedom and the role of government. In this issue, find engaging resources to bring these critical documents into your classroom.

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History Education News - Volume Seven

2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. In this issue, we find resources and teaching ideas to explore the war's causes and impact.

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History Education News - Volume Six

Learning how to read & analyze images can be challenging. In this issue, we examine how to find, use, and explore historic images in the classroom.

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History Education News - Volume Five

Maps are an exciting resource for teaching history. In this issue, we feature map collections & tools for using these materials with your students.

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History Education News - Volume Four

Looking for ways to approach difficult social issues? In this issue, we explore resources to help you engage students in these important conversations.

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History Education News - Volume Three

History is more than words. Objects also provide insight into the past. In this issue, we highlight material culture resources & teaching ideas.

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History Education News - Volume Two

It is back to school! In this issue, we feature topics relevant to this fall, such as presidential elections, teaching strategies, research and news.

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History Education News - Volume One

Welcome to the inaugural issue of History Education News! Look here for the latest information on resources for teaching American history!

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