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I need to find primary sources about the Panic of 1873. Please help! I need to learn more about it too.


Locating Sources Elsewhere
For help in locating primary sources, try these two entries. Both include excellent websites that have sets or collections of primary sources. The latter (collections) will have many more sources, but may be harder to search.

Also see this website that includes information about the Panic of 1873 and the Beyond the Textbook entry "Panic of 1873" on the topic.

Locating Resources at Teachinghistory.org
For any American history topic, try using our general search function located at the top right of every page. Once you get results from a search, limit those results by using “search facets” on the left-hand side of the results page. As with all searches, the more you limit your search, the fewer results you will get. (And please be aware, not all “types” of content are listed as search facets on any one search, only the most common types of content. This means you may want to try limiting by topic or time period first.)

Also see the History Content section and search Website Reviews. To do this, go to the right-hand side of the content page, scroll down, and look on the right for the box called “Searches.” Then click "Website Reviews” and put in a keyword or phrase. If you get no results, try another term or keyword. This search will return our reviews of reputable websites that address your topic. Read our review to get a quick idea about whether it will suit your purposes. If so, enjoy exploring that site.

Then try searching Gateway to History Websites located below "Website Reviews.” This custom search engine returns results from history websites beyond Teachinghistory.org.

Good luck!

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