Historical Thinking Poster!

Mon 16 2010

Note: Thank you for your interest in our posters. We no longer have the Historical Thinking poster in stock, so please visit our interactive poster or print a copy. Please be sure to check out our 2011-12 interactive poster, How Do You Piece Together the History of the Civil War? Are you a K-12 U.S. history or social studies teacher, librarian, or teacher educator? Looking for ways to promote thoughtful, critical reading of primary and secondary sources in the classroom? Teachinghistory.org now offers a poster to help you out! Our double-sided color poster features definitions of primary and secondary sources and guides students through the process of historical inquiry. What questions should you ask when examining a primary source? Where should you look for reliable secondary sources? How do you use the evidence you've gathered to make an argument?

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Bright illustrations and snappy captions present history as a mystery for elementary students, while the flip side asks middle and high schoolers how historians know what they know about the past. Both sides feature clear visual examples of primary sources.

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