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June 2012




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VoiceThread in a 1st-Grade Classroom

Think that your students are too young to use digital tools? Watch as first-graders in Jennifer Orr’s class record stories about Ben Franklin and George Washington using VoiceThread, a tool recommended by the American Association of School Librarians. Watch here.



Michael Yell on Making Every History Lecture Engaging

Is “lecture” a bad word? Most students might think so, but not the kind of lecture middle school teacher Michael Yell proposes! Learn Yell’s strategies for making a lecture interactive such as visual hooks, cooperative learning ideas, quick writes, and more! Learn how.



Stating Your Case: Writing Effective Thesis Statements

Looking for ways to help your students write more compelling thesis statements? Use this guide to teach students what thesis statements are and how to use them effectively in writing Document Based Questions (DBQs), research papers, and other essays. Learn more.

Report on State of History Education


Professional Development

U.S. and World History Featured
Updated in Fall 2011 to include world history requirements and assessments, this revised Report on the State of History Education describes changes in state policies regarding history standards, assessments, and requirements for initial teacher licensure. The report also includes a searchable database of state standards. Learn more.


Visiting History
This guide highlights the key ingredients for a quality professional development experience that brings teachers to museums, historic sites, and other locations “in the field.” Learn how to prepare for a trip, how to create quality learning experiences in the field, and how to bring the experience back to the classroom.
Watch here.




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