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Ask a Historian

James Madison's Failed Amendments

Mar 3 2009
Apportionment in the House of Representatives and pay raises for Congress fell by the wayside—at least temporarily. [...] »

Home Sales During the Great Depression

Mar 3 2009
Building an edifice of statistics—where can you learn about the real estate market during the Depression? [...] »

Significant Changes in Teaching History over the Past Decade

Feb 2 2009
Three significant changes affect how we teach history and who is teaching it. [...] »

Is the Story of George Washington and the Colt a True Story?

Feb 2 2009
Is it all right to make up stories about real people to teach children about honesty? In the 19th century, some people thought so. [...] »

Are There Instances of Raids Similar to the Boston Tea Party?

Jan 1 2009
From South Carolina to Maine, colonists protested the Tea Act of 1773. [...] »

Who Earned a Medal for Cutting Costs by Starving Confederate Prisoners?

Jan 1 2009
Almost two million dollars allocated to feed prisoners was returned to the U.S. Treasury. [...] »

Jewish Immigration During the Revolutionary War

Dec 12 2008
Just before the Revolution, between 2,000 and 3,000 Jews lived in the colonies. [...] »

Presidential Death During the Election Process

Dec 12 2008
Unforeseen events and potential crises forced politicians and lawmakers to devise backup plans for presidential and vice-presidential elections. [...] »

Kitty Hawk During the Time of the Wright Brothers

Nov 11 2008
Schooling and transportation of goods were of greater concern to most than flight. [...] »

What Happened to the Royal Family of Hawaii After the U.S. Took Over?

Nov 11 2008
In Hawaii today, a large number of people might be considered heirs or pretenders to the Hawaiian throne, were it ever to be revived. [...] »