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Ask a Historian

Bank Notes of the Second Bank of the United States

Jul 7 2010
The impermanence of paper money was matched by the impermanence of the bank that issued it. [...] »

The Era of Reform

Jul 7 2010
Was the antebellum period the height of reform movements in U.S. history? [...] »

Iroquois and the Founding Fathers

Jul 7 2010
Historians argue over whether the Founding Fathers' knowledge of Native American forms of confederation influenced their early plans for the government of the United States. [...] »

Colonial Teenagers

Jul 7 2010
Young people in their teens were not thought of as a distinct group, but as young adults who were obliged to work for their living, whether they lived at home or not. [...] »

Native American Customs of Childbirth

Jul 7 2010
Native American women restricted their activity and took care with their diet in preparing for childbirth, then prepared a secluded spot away from the community, where they gave birth. [...] »


Jun 6 2010
How do you pronounce (and spell) Conococheague and how do we know? [...] »

Jefferson versus Hamilton

Jun 6 2010
Their differing philosophies of government set the stage for the permanent growth of political factions. [...] »

Divided Loyalties?

Jun 6 2010
How citizenship determines eligibility for the U.S. presidency. [...] »

A History of Fundamentalism

Jun 6 2010
What does fundamentalism mean and how has that meaning changed over time? [...] »

Quebec City Fire

Jun 6 2010
Were the great fires of 1845 the result of arson or accident? [...] »