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Ask a Historian

Booth's Reason for Assassination

Sep 9 2010
In an attempt to salvage a failed Confederate agenda, John Wilkes Booth swore to destroy President Abraham Lincoln's policy of extending civil liberties to African Americans. [...] »

Robert Gould Shaw

Aug 8 2010
Where does the glory of Robert Shaw and the men of the 54th Massachusetts reside? [...] »

Architectural Homage

Aug 8 2010
American Reproductions and Appropriations of Old World Monumental Architecture [...] »

Forty Acres and a Mule

Aug 8 2010
The origin of the "Sherman Reservation" in Special Field Order No. 15, by which the Southern coastal low country was set aside for resettlement by ex-slaves. [...] »

The History of History

Jul 7 2010
"Historian" wasn't always a career path—only in the 19th century did it become a full-time academic occupation. [...] »

Historians Defined

Jul 7 2010
What, precisely, makes a historian, and what do they do? [...] »


Jul 7 2010
Mountains, coal, jugbands, pottery, quilts, feuds, flags, floods, labor strikes, Mary Todd Lincoln, moonshine, Mammoth Cave, bluegrass, tobacco, thoroughbreds, and more—collected in a digital library. [...] »

African and Native Americans in Colonial and Revolutionary Times

Jul 7 2010
African Americans and Native Americans have had a long and complex relationship, often characterized by their similar exclusion from the fruits of freedom envisioned during the American Revolution. [...] »

Alternative Outcomes of World War II

Jul 7 2010
Can historians answer questions about alternate history? No, but they can assess a particular moment in the past. [...] »

Feminist Art

Jul 7 2010
Explorations of the body, self-reference, and the entanglement of art and politics have all been the themes of feminist art—as they have been themes of other art of our time. [...] »