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Ask a Master Teacher

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Building a Class on Native American History

Apr 4 2010
Museums, colleges, and tribes are invaluable for gathering course-building materials on Native American history. [...] »

Tackling Tough Topics

Mar 3 2010
Race, ethics, stereotyping—all are thorny issues integral to our history. How can you encourage empathy? [...] »

Meshing History and Montessori Method

Mar 3 2010
In the Montessori philosophy, which prioritizes creativity, how can you best present history? [...] »

Constructivism: Actively Building Knowledge

Mar 3 2010
Traditional concepts of knowledge and pedagogy view the student as a "fact sponge." [...] »

Seeking Simulations

Jan 1 2010
For when your students need a healthy dose of participation to liven up the classroom. [...] »

Two-Year High School U.S. History Programs

Jan 1 2010
What are the benefits and detriments of implementing a two-year U.S. history course? [...] »

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Dec 12 2009
Upgrade to "school 2.0" through making the most of technological resources. [...] »

Resources for Units on Early American Government

Dec 12 2009
When unit planning is daunting, look to exceptional examples online. [...] »

Multiperspectivity: What Is It, and Why Use It?

Dec 12 2009
Simply pondering "multiperspectivity" (a European term for "multiple perspectives") introduces the concept. [...] »

Elementary Military History Resources

Nov 11 2009
You don't have to wait until middle school to teach military history. [...] »