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The History of (American) Health

Health is both a public and a private concern. Get your students considering [...] »

Resources for Independence Day

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July instead of the Second of July? Teach [...] »

Introducing Mobile

Have you ever wanted to access on the go? Now you can! [...] »

Jennifer Orr Wins ISTE Kay L. Bitter Vision Award

Congratulations to writer Jennifer Orr, winner of the [...] »

Family History and the 1940 Census

Search the 1940 census for a personal link to history, with these guidelines [...] »

Teaching History with Archaeology

Teach your students to "think archaeologically" as well as historically!

[...] »

Resources for Flag Day

Flag Day may not fall during the school year for many, but Flag Day [...] »

Jeremiah McCall on Historical Problem Spaces

Students solve "problem spaces" when they play video games. Apply "problem [...] »

Jennifer Orr on Experiencing History: A Visit to the Parson Weems House

First-grade teacher Jennifer Orr asks her own history questions when she [...] »

Joe Jelen on Political Cartoons 2.0

Find, analyze, and create political cartoons that address any issue in U.S. [...] »