Introducing Mobile

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Tue 26 2012

Have a history question on the go? We've launched a mobile version of the website! To access the site, visit on a smartphone, tablet, or other portable device.

From the mobile homepage, you can choose to "Watch," "Play," or "Search." Choose "Watch" to browse our introductory videos, including "What is Historical Thinking?" and our introductions for elementary, middle, and high school educators. Or explore our videos from Examples of Historical Thinking, Teaching in Action, Beyond the Chalkboard, and more.

Pick "Play" to take any of our more than 120 history quizzes. With "Search," search all of the content of—from lesson plan and website reviews to Tech for Teachers and Beyond the Textbook. You can also visit our Quick Links pages for each grade level.

Whether you're looking up an answer to a history question, surfing for primary sources and lesson plans, or searching for new teaching strategies, now goes wherever you go! Do you have comments or questions about the mobile site? Comment below or contact We'd love your feedback!

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Lara Harmon is a Senior Research Associate for She received her BA from George Mason University.