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Resources for the Titanic's Centennial

One hundred years later, we're still talking about the sinking of the [...] »

Preparing for the Days of Remembrance

How do people talk about and understand the Holocaust today in the U.S. and [...] »

Jeremiah McCall on Activities and Assessments for Simulation Games

Thinking about using digital games in your classroom? In Part Four of his [...] »

Lessons Online: TED-Ed

Nominate teachers and lesson ideas to share with teachers Internet-wide.

[...] »

Michael Yell on Writing as Thinking

Practicing writing practices good habits of thought, says Mike Yell. Two [...] »

Film Review: Iron Jawed Angels

How does modern television portray early 20th-century suffragists? Through [...] »

Meg Griffin on Google Docs

What can you do with Google Docs?

[...] »

Valerie Tripp on the Power of Everyday Objects in Teaching History

The meaning of an object is its story.

[...] »

Resources for Women's History Month

Teach women's history in March and all year long with these resources.

[...] »

Joe Jelen Makes Students' Thinking Visible with Backchannel Discussion

Can you turn classroom chatter to constructive ends? Joe Jelen says digital [...] »