Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about

Q: Is this site really free?

A: Yes! is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Teaching American History grant program (Contract Number ED-07-CO-0088). Everything produces is free and available to all. This includes not only our website, but also all of our printed materials like History Education News, Historical Thinking poster and Civil War poster.

Q: Do I have to register to use

A: While many sites require you to register to use their resources, does not require registration.

Q: is terrific for U.S. History content. Can you focus on world history too?

A: is funded under the Teaching American History grant program with a central focus on U.S. history. However, much of U.S. history does intersect with the world history curriculum, so you can find some valuable world history content on Examples include: the Columbian Exchange, the African Diaspora, the first Barbary War, World War I , and the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War, among others.

Additionally, all of the teaching methods found on can be used to teach both U.S. or world history.

Q: How do I request multiple copies of your posters or newsletters?

A: Many people like to request multiple copies of materials for professional development workshops or to distribute at conferences. Please visit Materials Request to place your order.