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Teaching the Transcontinental Railroad

Jun 7 2010
From Chinese immigrants to the Golden Spike, explore the history of the [...] »

Building a Class on Native American History

Apr 28 2010
Museums, colleges, and tribes are invaluable for gathering course-building [...] »

Resources on Native American History

Sep 22 2009
When the resources readily available to you are just not comprehensive enough. [...] »

National History Day in Kentucky

Oct 4 2011
NHD is a great way to get students to interact with history. KY teachers check [...] »

Understanding Civic Republicanism

Dec 19 2011
In order for students to grasp the importance of American civic republicanism, [...] »

Resources for Units on Early American Government

Dec 2 2009
When unit planning is daunting, look to exceptional examples online. [...] »

Slave Badges

Sep 12 2011
Slave badges were used in Charleston to keep track of slaves. Can you build a [...] »

Tall Tales: The West as Legend

Oct 15 2009
Wrestling bears, surly cowboys, vultures circling lone travelers. . . Find [...] »

Elementary Military History Resources

Nov 20 2009
You don't have to wait until middle school to teach military history. [...] »

Setting the Tone: Introducing Students to World War II

Jun 1 2011
Whichever lesson you pick, make sure it meets your learning goals. [...] »