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Teaching the History of Teaching History

Nov 29 2010
So you know you love teaching history, but do you know the history behind [...] »

Tennessee's Social Studies Curriculum

Oct 21 2009
Standardization is a fairly new concept in education. [...] »

Data on Students' Knowledge of American History

Mar 4 2009
Finding solid data on student learning in history can be a challenge. Here are [...] »

Brain-based Research

Oct 4 2011
What's in a brain? Quite a lot actually! Discover how brain research [...] »

Researching the Role of the Map in History Teaching

Jun 17 2011
Need to understand the theory behind maps as a history education tool? Look no [...] »

Two-Year High School U.S. History Programs

Jan 7 2010
What are the benefits and detriments of implementing a two-year U.S. history [...] »

APPARTS Strategy: Origins and Implementation

Jun 1 2011
Engrain the APPARTS strategy into young students, and they'll be well on [...] »

Constructivism: Actively Building Knowledge

Mar 17 2010
Traditional concepts of knowledge and pedagogy view the student as a "fact [...] »