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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Dec 10 2009
Upgrade to "school 2.0" through making the most of technological [...] »

Setting the Tone: Introducing Students to World War II

Jun 1 2011
Whichever lesson you pick, make sure it meets your learning goals. [...] »

Seeking Simulations

Jan 7 2010
For when your students need a healthy dose of participation to liven up the [...] »

Bridging the Gap Between Ancient and Modern Democracies

Jun 16 2011
To most students, "histories" are entirely separate— [...] »

Tackling Tough Topics

Mar 17 2010
Race, ethics, stereotyping—all are thorny issues integral to our [...] »

Making the Most of Maps

Jun 16 2011
Have you always wanted to use maps in your classroom, but been unsure how to do [...] »

Building a Class on Native American History

Apr 28 2010
Museums, colleges, and tribes are invaluable for gathering course-building [...] »

Using Document Based Questions with Struggling Readers

Feb 8 2008
Should I just try to jazz up our textbook or can you suggest places to look to [...] »

A Larger Global or Interregional Story

May 26 2010
Case studies grab attention, but how can you be sure you're also teaching [...] »

Tips and Tricks for Using Graphic Organizers

Sep 13 2011
Graphic organizers can be tricky. Check out these tips on how to keep them [...] »