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Ask a Historian

A Trail of 4,000 Tears

Jul 7 2012
Discover the ramifications of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. [...] »

Bleeding Kansas

Jul 7 2012
What were the origins of this infamous controversy? [...] »

The Many Faces of Immigration

Jun 6 2012
American is built upon immigration. However, attitudes about immigration varied greatly from the late 19th to the early 20th century. [...] »

The "Cradle" of America?

Jun 6 2012
Historians often consider Puritan New England a model for the development of America as a whole. Is this correct or an example of regional bias? [...] »

Little Wolf and President Grant

May 5 2012
Why did Little Wolf, a Cheyenne leader, go to Washington in 1873? [...] »

Slavery in Colonial British North America

Apr 4 2012
Slavery in colonial America was not an exclusively Southern institution. [...] »

Instigating a Ban on "Spirituous Liquors"

Apr 4 2012
Discover the motivations fueling the 19th-century temperance movement. [...] »

Success and Failure in the New World

Mar 3 2012
Why did some colonies in the New World succeed while others faded away? [...] »

Manifest Destiny: Creating an American Identity

Mar 3 2012
Discover how the concept of a "Manifest Destiny" shaped American perceptions prior to and throughout the 19th century. [...] »

The Standardization of American English

Mar 3 2012
Why is colonial written English so different from the version we use today? [...] »