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Ask a Historian

Texas and Mexico: Centers for Cultural Collision

Feb 2 2012
In 1821, Anglo settlers migrated to Texas en masse. Discover the profound impact this movement had on the relationship between whites and hispanic Tejanos. [...] »

The New World: A Stage for Cultural Interaction

Feb 2 2012
Religion and profit were driving motivations behind European colonization. Discover how Spanish, French, and Dutch explorers differed in their attempts to accomplish these goals. [...] »

The Proclamation of 1763

Dec 12 2011
Discover the history behind this important Proclamation by King George III. [...] »

The Fighting Canadiens

Dec 12 2011
Discover how French Canadians reacted to the American Revolution. [...] »

What If...?: Reexamining the American Revolution

Oct 10 2011
How different would "the United States of America" be if the British had won the Revolutionary War? [...] »

Cause and Effect: The Outbreak of World War II

Oct 10 2011
What factors contributed to the initiation of World War II? Find out here! [...] »

The American Civil War: Total or Just?

Oct 10 2011
Warfare always results in casualties, however, there are ways to reduce loss of life by adhering to established standards. [...] »

"Mapping" Primary and Secondary Sources

Oct 10 2011
Is this map a primary source? Or is it secondary? How can you tell?! [...] »

Gettysburg: Turning Point or a Small Stepping-Stone to Victory?

Oct 10 2011
History is often muddled by modern hindsight. Discover the true meaning of the Battle of Gettysburg. [...] »

Civil War Convicts: Unraveling a Misconception

Oct 10 2011
Did criminals fight during the Civil War? Not exactly, but some soldiers became convicts as a result of their service. [...] »