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This nifty tool is not only fun to use, but also very useful in the history classroom! Students can use this free website to constructing their own short digital movies, in doing so they will learn how to utilize primary sources and develop their historical thinking skills. FIND OUT MORE »

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Digital classroom tools

Mind Mapping: Visualizing Historical Thought

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Google Maps

Discover a whole new world of mapping and geography with Google Maps!

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Beyond the Chalkboard

Teachers demonstrate digital tool strategies

Recording Experiences with First Graders

Keep young students focused during field trips—use cameras!

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Creating Campaign Commercials

Students in Kristina Frank of Eagle Ridge Middle School's class script and [...] »

Whiteboards and the Youngest Children
Screencapture, Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project Learning, May 9, 2007

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Ask a Digital Historian

Surfing the Web Successfully

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