Central Question: During the Great Depression and New Deal, Louisiana governor and U.S. Senator Huey Long (1893–1935) promised an end to poverty. How did he plan to realize this ideal, and what effect did he have on other politicians at the time?


Stereograph, U.S. Senator Huey Long, c.1933, Keystone View Company

The political campaigning and positions of Huey Long can help students investigate questions pertinent to all Americans, including the gap between rich and poor, distribution of wealth, and the limits and extent of the free market.

By ignoring the actual substance of Long's plans, textbooks close off such discussion, making Long's arguments irrelevant to modern political debates about taxation, wealth, and income. The introduction of primary sources in which Long articulates his plans can allow students to draw their own conclusions on their practicality and relevance to the present day.

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