About the Author

Ronald Walters is a Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University with a special interest in radicalism, reform, race, and popular culture.

Women's Reform Movement

Primary Sources

Assumption College. U.S. Women's History Workshop. Providing both secondary-source narratives and a collection of primary sources on antebellum women's movements, this online resource toolbox was designed with middle-school teachers in mind.

City University of New York. An American Family: The Beecher Tradition. This exhibit looks at each member of the Beecher family, including Catharine Beecher, and includes several primary sources on their work for women's rights and education.

Victoria Woodhull & Company. Victoria Woodhull, The Spirit to Run the White House. This website includes transcripts of articles from Woodhull & Claflin's Weekly, a paper founded by Woodhull and her sister, Tennessee, as well as links to other sources. Remember that the site seeks to present a positive view of Woodhull, so it may show bias in the articles it highlights.