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Looking for World War era, minstrel, or showtune sheet music?

Mississippi State Libraries

Charles H. Templeton Sheet Music Collection

Sheet music cover, Melon Time in Dixie, Dave Ringle, 1920

This extensive collection includes 22,000 pages of sheet music. The site features collections of war songs and minstrel songs, including scanned manuscripts of 18 war songs (primarily from World Wars I and II) and 24 scanned minstrel song manuscripts. In addition, the site includes collections of showtunes and Irving Berlin compositions. The collection is divided into 14 categories, including "Showtunes," "Foxtrots," and "Movie Tunes." All music is searchable by several fields, such as copyright holder, date of publication, and composer. While the music itself is an important primary source, there is little background or contextual material available.