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Explore mid-18th century women's culture through three full-text issues of the Godey's Lady's Book.

Hope Greenberg, Academic Computing, University of Vermont

Godey's Lady's Book

Cover Image, Godey's Lady's Book

Offers material from and about "this most famous 19th-century women's magazine," a monthly that provided middle- and upper-class American women with fiction, fashion, illustrations, and editorials from 1830 through its demise in 1898. Includes three full-text issues from 1855 and a partial issue from 1852. Each page is available in medium and high resolution formats. In addition, the site contains three complete short stories; 10 synopses (200 words each) of other stories published in the magazine; 26 full-page color illustrations of scenes of domestic life; nine partial-page illustrations; 104 fashion-oriented illustrations; six examples of sheet music that appeared on a regular basis in the magazine; three architectural drawings; and three sample editorials by Sarah J. Hale, a long-time editor. Material about the magazine includes a 900-word publication history; a 1,600-word essay on publisher Louis A. Godey's column; 500-800-word biographical essays on Godey and Hale; and links to three other sites. Of interest to those studying mid-19th-century middle-class American life, women's history, print culture, fashion, domestic life, and popular literature.