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Three years in the making, this project of the Tennessee State Museum outlines TN state history from pre-history to the present.

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Tennessee teachers, looking for a state-specific overview of U.S. history? Three years in the making, this project of the Tennessee State Museum outlines Tennessee state history from pre-history to the present day. Each of nine chronological sections—"First Tennesseans," "Indians & Cultural Encounters," "Frontier," "Age of Jackson," "Civil War & Reconstruction," "Confronting the Modern Era," "Depression & WWII," "Civil Rights/Cold War," and "Information Revolution"—begins with an introductory essay on the time period. Two to three subsections per time period offer essays on daily life and work, military and political history, civil rights issues, and other topics; users can click down from each subsection to further
essays on even more specific topics.

Links within the essays lead to extracts from primary sources (such as the journal of early explorer Casper Mansker or a recipe for soap), answers to "Dig Deeper" historical questions, interactive activities (including a Chart of Traditional Cherokee Kinships), and related articles and sources on other websites. A slideshow of enlargeable images of primary sources (artifacts and documents) accompanies most essays, and several essays include embedded audio clips.

Each time period includes a "Teacher's Page" (linked from the bottom of the section's top essay), with lessons and extension activities. Thirty-seven lessons and three extension activities are currently live on the site; broken links may be repaired in future.

"Site Search," in the left-hand sidebar by each essay, allows full searching of the site's content.