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History is made by those who are unafraid to push the envelope and redefine the society in which they live. Encourage your students to examine the men and women who worked to make America what it is today with this creative activity. FIND OUT MORE »

Lesson Plan Reviews

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Examining the Korean War

Allow students to explore historical events through multiple perspectives [...] »

The Short-Handled Hoe

History is imbedded in the smallest objects. In this lesson, students [...] »

English Language Learners

Instructional strategies and resources for ELL
Google Translate
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Looking to translate documents or text? Google Translate can help.

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Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

Explore mysteries in Canadian history in both French and English.

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Teaching Guides

Explore new teaching methods and approaches
1916 Children's Code of Morality: A Guide for Pre-Service Teachers

Primary sources from the Library of Congress help students explore a [...] »

Native Women and Suffrage - Beyond the 19th Amendment: A Guide for Pre-Service Teachers

Using primary sources from the Library of Congress, help students reconsider [...] »

Using Blogs in a History Classroom

Setting up and maintaining a blog for your classroom is easy (and typically [...] »

Crop It

Use this four-step learning routine to deeply explore visual primary sources [...] »

Tramping Through History: Crafting Individual Field Trips

Go forth, and contextualize! Give students the opportunity for solo [...] »

Ask a Master Teacher

Performance Assessments Requiring Historical Analysis
Photo, Student Reading, March 6, 2008, Old Shoe Woman, Flickr

When you want your students to think, rather than just remember.

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