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History is made by those who are unafraid to push the envelope and redefine the society in which they live. Encourage your students to examine the men and women who worked to make America what it is today with this creative activity. FIND OUT MORE »

Lesson Plan Reviews

Evaluate key elements of effective teaching Watch the INTRODUCTORY VIDEO
My History at School

To make something real, make it personal. Abstract concepts can best be [...] »

Labor Unions in the Cotton Mills

Introduce students to the importance of oral history while simultaneously [...] »

English Language Learners

Instructional strategies and resources for ELL
Supporting Text Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Using WordSift
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Help English learners understand basic concepts with this interactive tool [...] »

Why Did It Happen? Making Claims about Cause and Effect

A shift in writing is required, often using new language tools, when making [...] »

Teaching Guides

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1916 Children's Code of Morality: A Guide for Pre-Service Teachers

Primary sources from the Library of Congress help students explore a [...] »

Rethinking "Westward Expansion": A Guide for Preservice Teachers

Help students reconsider the how the expansion of the United States from [...] »

Concept Formation

In order to understand topics, you must first understand concepts. Learn all [...] »

Stop Action and Assess Alternatives

Teach students to explore contingency with this great lesson plan idea.

[...] »
Using Old Maps as Tools to Explore Our World

Maps show far more than how to go from point A to point B! Discover how to [...] »

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Rubrics for Learning Menus
Screencap, Bringing History Home Student Learning Chart, 2 March 2012

Creating the perfect rubric is an impossible task. Creating a usable, easily [...] »