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What did Thomas Jefferson read?

Princeton University

Thomas Jefferson Papers

This focused site presents page images and some transcriptions of Jefferson's catalogs of books (1783 and 1789), farm book, garden book, draft of the Declaration of Independence, and some architectural documents. Visitors can browse the page images and search (where transcriptions are available) all the works. Summary descriptions are also available for each document or document type. The catalogs are Jefferson's working lists of books in his personal library. The manuscript copy of Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence is not complete. The Farm Book contains Jefferson's records about his farm holdings and activities on his farms, spanning from 1774 to 1824. The Garden Book contains Jefferson's records about his gardens at Monticello and Shadwell spanning from 1766 to 1824. The architectural documents section offers more than 600 architectural drawings, sketches, and notes relating to buildings designed by Jefferson, such as Monticello and the Virginia Capitol, organized into 26 subjects.

Visitors can choose to view documents in the primary window as transcriptions (if available), as a large image, or as a small image. The search feature allows keyword search of available transcriptions. Though limited in scope, this site is useful for those interested in specific Jefferson documents.