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History is made by those who are unafraid to push the envelope and redefine the society in which they live. Encourage your students to examine the men and women who worked to make America what it is today with this creative activity. FIND OUT MORE »

Lesson Plan Reviews

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Prequel to Independence

Teach your students about causality with this useful activity.

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American Tourists and the Holy Land, 1865-1900

Help students make connections between religion, technology, and American [...] »

English Language Learners

Instructional strategies and resources for ELL
World Digital Library
World Digital Library home page

Use this tool to translate primary source material!

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Using Visuals to Build Interest and Understanding

Using primary source images to help English Language Learners build [...] »

Teaching Guides

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Mystery Strategy for Elementary Students

Using the premise of a mystery, elementary students act as history [...] »

Native Women and Suffrage - Beyond the 19th Amendment: A Guide for Pre-Service Teachers

Using primary sources from the Library of Congress, help students reconsider [...] »

Applying KWL Guides to Sources with Elementary Students

To engage with a source, ask, "What do I know, what do I want [...] »

Truth in Transit: Crafting Meaningful Field Trips

Leave your students with intellectually and emotionally significant memories [...] »

Historical Agency in History Book Sets (HBS)

Looking for ways to use fiction in your elementary history curriculum? Read [...] »

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Advice for the Student Teacher
Photography, Tug of War, 17 May 2009, Tom Blackwell, Flickr CC

Are you caught between academic advisors and classroom teachers? Feel like [...] »