Digital Classroom Introduction


Visit Digital Classroom to learn about new digital tools, ask questions, and watch examples of effective history teaching with technology. Explore the many possibilities:

Tech for Teachers: VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a popular web-based tool for creating and collaborating on multimedia presentations, allowing you to combine images and video with text and audio commentary. [...] »

Ask a Digital Historian: Beyond Google Searching

How can you find quality digital U.S. history images? It's harder than it looks, but keep reading for some good strategies.[...] »

Beyond the Chalkboard: Using Facebook to Engage with Historical Figures

After researching historical figures, this teacher had students created Facebook Fan pages, hosting albums of images, detailed biographies, and continual status updates written "in character." [...] »

(Download the video transcript here. You may also download the Digital Classroom rubric, either completed or blank.)

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