About the Author

Jenice L. View is Assistant Professor of Initiatives in Educational Transformation Program at George Mason University. Her research focuses on the critical teaching and learning of history, critical pedagogy in teacher professional development, how the learning of history impacts youth voice and civic engagement, white teacher consciousness, and the use of the arts and arts integration.

Modern Civil Rights Movement

Primary Sources

Hartford, Bruce. Civil Rights Movements Veterans; and Michaels, Sheila B. List of Oral Histories. These websites present the stories of veterans of the modern Civil Rights Movement in their own words and represent a range of experiences and insights.

Holsaert, F.S., Noonan, M.P.N., Richardson, J., Robinson, B.G., Young, J.S. & Zellner, D.M., eds. Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2010. This book presents the personal stories of many women—African American, white, Latina, northern, southern, urban and rural—who were active with the formation and organizing of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee.

Martinez, E. Five Hundred Years of Chicana Women’s History. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2007. This thorough book documents—in photos, interviews, and profiles—the many Mexican American women throughout the centuries and across North America who have struggled for social justice.

University of Southern Mississippi. University of Southern Mississippi Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage. Among the many oral histories on a range of subjects, the Center maintains an archive of over 150 oral histories of veterans of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

TWF Films. Aoki: A Documentary Film. 2009. This film chronicles the life (and especially the last five years) of Richard Aoki, a third-generation Japanese American who was one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party.