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History has been shaped and influenced by the out come of ancient trials—such as the Trial of Socrates in 399B.C.—to Rosenberg Trial in the 1950s. This site offers a comprehensive look at 50 prominent court trials throughout history and its resources can be used to give young learners an introduction to the history of the modern judicial system.


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Reclaiming the Everglades: South Florida's Natural History, 1884-1934

Contains 10,000 pages and images on Everglades reclamation efforts and the [...] »

Lift Every Voice: Music in American Life

What work can be accomplished through music?

[...] »
Milwaukee Neighborhoods: Photos and Maps, 1885-1992

Take a visual journey through the development of Milwaukee, WI.

[...] »

History Quiz

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Back to School

Binders, buses, and backpacks—consider the history of these back-to-school [...] »

Constitution Day Count

How does the Constitution measure up to other important documents in U.S. [...] »

The Many Roots of African American Cooking

Africa, Europe, and North America—mix, and serve. Explore the foods that [...] »

Beyond the Textbook

Question textbook narratives
20th-century Jewish Immigration
Dry plate negative, approx. 1920-1930, Jewish colonies and settlements, LOC

Divided into two waves of immigration by textbooks, the continuity of [...] »

Coal and the Industrial Revolution
Photo, At the close of the day, January 1911, Lewis Hine, Library of Congress

How can the story of coal help students understand the nature of today's [...] »

John Brown's Raid
Painting, John Brown, 1867, Thomas S. Noble, NYPL Digital Gallery

Did Northerners all respond the same way to Brown's infamous raid? [...] »

National Resources

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U.S. Secret Service

How did the Secret Service begin protecting our leaders and solving crimes [...] »

Supreme Court of the United States

From John Jay to Sonia Sotomayor, the Supreme Court is the final word in law [...] »

U.S. Fire Administration
Photo, Angel Island Fire, Behind Alcatraz, October 12, 2008, LeeLeFever, Flickr

Give historical fires perspective through modern statistics.

[...] »

Ask a Historian

On Telegrams and Telephone Calls
Detail of Wallace for President poster, 1968

On the record and off the record communications between Washington and [...] »