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History has been shaped and influenced by the out come of ancient trials—such as the Trial of Socrates in 399B.C.—to Rosenberg Trial in the 1950s. This site offers a comprehensive look at 50 prominent court trials throughout history and its resources can be used to give young learners an introduction to the history of the modern judicial system.


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The Jewish Americans
Being Jewish in modern America

This site, produced by PBS, uses multiple resources to examine the history [...] »

Women Artists of the American West

What have women artists considered worthy of depiction in the U.S. West?

[...] »
River of Song

Follow the evolution of American music along the Mississippi.

[...] »

History Quiz

Test your history knowledge
Early Telephone Etiquette

Should you leave your hat on when you talk on the telephone?

[...] »
Lewis Hine: Caption Critique

Does a caption change the meaning of a photograph?

[...] »
Women's History Month: Picturing Pocahontas

What do you picture when you hear her name?

[...] »

Beyond the Textbook

Question textbook narratives
Denmark Vesey
An official report of the trials of sundry Negroes, 1822

Tried and executed in 1822, along with many other slaves, for a plotted [...] »

20th-century Jewish Immigration
Dry plate negative, approx. 1920-1930, Jewish colonies and settlements, LOC

Divided into two waves of immigration by textbooks, the continuity of [...] »

Labor and Trade in Colonial America
Photo, Weavers at Colonial Williamsburg, May 29, 2010, animalvegetable, Flickr

Was colonial trade really triangular? What kinds of work did colonists do, [...] »

National Resources

Federal teaching resources
Presidents of the United States

The White House offers historic photos and biographies of its past and [...] »

National Portrait Gallery

Allow students to "meet" their favorite historical figures.

[...] »
U.S. Secret Service

How did the Secret Service begin protecting our leaders and solving crimes [...] »

Ask a Historian

James Madison's Failed Amendments
James Madison and broadside with proposed amendments

Apportionment in the House of Representatives and pay raises for Congress [...] »