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Tonight's the Night: PBS Broadcasts We Shall Remain

Television well-worth watching.

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Bookmark This! History Sites on YouTube

History and art museums and archives join the YouTube communications field [...] »

Recession, Depression, Hard Times, New Deal: Classroom Resources (updated April 7)

The internet is full of classroom resources for teaching about the New Deal— [...] »

Bookmark This! Resources for Movie Friday

Internet sites with films for historical analysis and classroom presentation [...] »

John Hope Franklin, 1915-2009

African American historian, professor, and civil rights activist John Hope [...] »

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American Experience: We Shall Remain

Coming soon to your local PBS station: a new look at the Native American [...] »

Omnibus Spending Bill, FY '09 Passes: Good News for History

A winning outcome for public history, research, and history education.

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Remember the Ladies—But Not Just in March

Women's history should be integral to the total narrative of American [...] »

IF . . . the Omnibus Spending Bill

What's in your wallet?

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