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Practical Matters

To help ensure that the trip results in an experience that has an impact back in the classroom, here are a few practical items to keep in mind:

  • Build in time and funds for post-visit follow-up.
  • Make attendance at post-visit workshops a requirement for participation in the trip.
  • Share expectations about creating a lesson or lessons based on some aspect of the trip that ties into state standards.
  • Schedule follow-up with content providers before the trip or while you are on site.
  • Ask content providers for resource materials to assist with post-visit activities.
  • Provide content providers with email addresses for all participants and provide participants with emails for content providers so that they can follow up with each other.
  • Subscribe to listservs, Twitter feeds, and/or Facebook accounts of content providers to sustain relationships. Encourage your teachers to do the same.
  • Build in time and resources for teachers to evaluate the program.