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David Blanke is Joe B. Frantz Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He earned his BS at the University of Kentucky and his MA and PhD at Loyola University Chicago.

Rise of the Automobile

Dupont Chassis Photographs (c.1919-1930) and Auto Repair Catalog (1912)


The Hagley Museum and Library Digital Archives offers the DuPont Automobiles, Photograph Collection, 1919-1931, which contains images of DuPont Automobiles produced by the DuPont Motor Company. The following is an interesting shot of the machine's central chassis. Here, students can come to appreciate the function differences between the operations of a car (the engine, chassis, frame, etc.) or the pleasing design elements of the body attached to the chassis. The second image offers the same perspective of the finished product.

The Hagley also offers a 1912 catalog for an automobile repair school in Boston, featuring a variety of interesting perspectives. Page 10 discusses the purpose of the school and the need for auto mechanics. Pages 15 and 24 provide images (others are spread throughout the pamphlet) of students in classroom settings. Finally, pages 25-28 are perhaps the most interesting, listing course information, costs, and the ways that the automobile open up new business opportunities for young mechanics.


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