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History has been shaped and influenced by the out come of ancient trials—such as the Trial of Socrates in 399B.C.—to Rosenberg Trial in the 1950s. This site offers a comprehensive look at 50 prominent court trials throughout history and its resources can be used to give young learners an introduction to the history of the modern judicial system.


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Knowing Poe
Painting, Oval Photograph of Poe, 1849, Enoch Pratt Free Library.

Introduce your students to one of America's great masters of horror.

[...] »
CQ Historic Documents Series: Online Edition

From scientific findings to speeches, 100 documents represent each year [...] »

Views of the Famine
Photo, South County Dublin, Ireland, May 20, 2004, McGarry, Flickr, cc

Explore the Irish Famine of 1846 through the eyes of Irish and English [...] »

History Quiz

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First Ladies' Firsts

What about the other occupants of the White House?

[...] »
Exploration and Innovation

Crossing vast oceans required specialized tools and knowledge. Discover more [...] »

Presidents Day: Growing Up to Be President

Even American presidents were babies once!

[...] »

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Rise of the Automobile
Photo, Model A Ford in front of antique gas pumps, August 4, 2007, Flickr

Americans today take cars for granted. How did they change American life? [...] »

Denmark Vesey
An official report of the trials of sundry Negroes, 1822

Tried and executed in 1822, along with many other slaves, for a plotted [...] »

The Early Conservation Movement
photographic print, Quentin Roosevelt Planting a Tree, c1904, Edward S. Curtis,

The "go-green" movement is rampant in modern America. However, support for [...] »

National Resources

Federal teaching resources
Negative, Dinsmore, Frances. Of Smithsonian. . . , 1915, Harris & Ewing, LoC

What can 19 museums, nine research centers, and the National Zoo offer your [...] »

Small Business Association

What is the FAR? Looking for copies of small business laws? Well, you have [...] »

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Photo, Barking Frog, Mark A. Musselman, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The government acts for fauna as well as society. When did this start? Why [...] »

Ask a Historian

Spanish Louisiana vs. Great Britain
Ceiling painting in the Salon de Carlos III, Madrid

Spain pursuing its own goals against Great Britain.

[...] »